CEA-HOW East Retreat

Sponsorships and Donations


Sponsorships and Donations

The East Retreat does not have scholarship funds to award directly.  We encourage groups, intergroups, and individuals to consider sponsoring a CEA-HOW member to come to the retreat.  The cost to pay for someone’s attendance is $275.  (not including travel)

Please consider helping a fellow in need to attend this weekend of recovery.  If you would like to offer a donation directly to the CEA-HOW East Retreat, we gratefully accept your contributions.

Sponsors name:
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If you would like to send a donation or sponsorship payment by mail, please be sure to note who or what it is for and send a check or money order:

Payable to CEA-HOW PA Intergroup

C/O Joan Kruzicki – 342 Saylers Hill Drive, Rice, VA 23966