Rooms and Costs

Rates listed include all conference costs including lodging, food and conference activities. In the spirit of “keep it simple”, there will be no option for monthly payments.  All payments made on Payment Option  page are to be payment in full. Any questions about registration can be texted to Joan K. at (434) 607-1576


Room Type/Number of Such Rooms Early Bird Fee

(Payment in full by 4/11/20)

Regular Pricing

(Cost after 4/11/20.  Registration deadline 8/1/20)

Single – 4 $340 $360
Double – 7 $325 $340
Triple – 8 $310 $325
Quad – 7 $295 $310
Five to Room – 3 $275 $295

 If you care to room with a particular person(s), please list names upon registering. 

There are a total of 85 bed spaces.  This is the number of conferees permitted by the fire marshal.  Because of this regulation, there will be no commuter or day attendee option for the Retreat.

***For those who arrive a day prior to the Retreat and for those wishing to stay beyond the end of the retreat, please Google “Charles Town WV lodging”.  There you will find numerous hotels of various price ranges available as well as a few bed and breakfasts. There are many things to see and do in Charles Town yet it is mostly known for its casino and race track!  It is a small town yet has its share of grocery stores, shopping and restaurants.  The downtown area of Charles Town is an easy 20-minute drive to Claymont Seminar and Retreat Center.

Note – Registrations are transferable so if you need to cancel you may find someone to take your spot. (Financial transactions are between the other person and yourself.) You will need to notify Joan K., Registration Chair, at (434) 607-1576 (text) or email: with any changes.

*Refund Policy- Refunds minus a $25 dollar service charge will be given up to October 1, 2020