2023 Schedule of events


FRIDAY, October 20, 2023


3:00-6:30pmRegistration/check-in/ Dinner (on your own)
6:00pmZoom Room opens for virtual connections.
6:30pmMC Shannon B.-Introduction to the theme, Keynote speaker, 50/50 (Cash/PayPal), directions for Zoom and In-Person
6:45-7:45pmLibah G. delivers a 45-minute pitch encompassing the theme with 15-minute sharing portion
7:45pmMC Shannon B. Housekeeping/Schedule
8:00pmZoom Room closes for the night
8:00–10:00pmIn-person practice for Big Book the musical

SATURDAY, October 21, 2023

MORNINGBreakfast (on your own), fellowship opportunity
7:00amZoom Room opens
7:15-8:00amMorning Chair Yoga with Debbie V. (in-person & zoom)
8:15-8:45amMorning Meditation (in-person & zoom)
8:45-9:15amTransition from meditation to service setup
9:15-9:30amMC Shannon B. Open housekeeping, what to expect, and announcements. 50/50 (Cash/PayPal) available for Zoom and In-Person.
9:30-10:20amSpeaker: Rhonda -Riding the waves of recovery.
10:30-11:45amWorkshop: Stay afloat with Kelly H.
Description:Using 12-step living as our goal in recovery and our tools is the way in which we stay afloat. Our tools are what makes CEA HOW unique, they offer structure and support as we navigate the 12 Steps.
11:45-11:55am50/50 (Cash/PayPal) available for Zoom and In-Person.
Noon-1:30pmLUNCH (on your own) / Fellowship Opportunities/ Zoom parking lot
1:30-2:30pmWorkshop: Fitness as one recovers with Laureen C.
Description:Clarity of mind through the meal plan. Introducing clarity of the physical body. How to have movement and strength enhanced the program.
2:30-3:15pm BREAK TIME: toes in the pool, fellowship, siesta etc, or creative writing prompts
2:30-3:15pm Zoom Meeting in parking lot
3:15-3:30pmWelcome Back-reminder of the schedule ahead. 50/50 (Cash/PayPal) available for Zoom and In-Person.
3:30-4:00pm Speaker
4:00-5:00pmWorkshop: Making Abstinence Easier ... A Simple Meditation with Pain Tori A.
Description:A simple meditation to release troubling human emotions instead of 'eating over them'.
5:00-6:45pmDinner break (on your own) / Fellowship opportunity/ /Zoom parking lot
6:45-7:00pmWelcome back- 50-50 Drawing!!! Announcement for the 2025 East retreat
7:00-8:30pmBig Book the musical! Come watch, listen, and participate
8:30-9:30pmBarnacles and Bubbles (Reflection/Share)
9:30pmZoom Room closes for the night
9:30-midnightQuiet in-person fellowship

SUNDAY, October 22, 2023

MORNINGBreakfast (on your own) / Fellowship/checkout
7:00amZoom Room opens for virtual connections.
7:15-8:00amMorning Yoga with Debbie V. (in-person & zoom)
8:15-8:45amMorning Meditation (in-person & zoom)
9:00amWelcome Back, reminder of the schedule, and announcement for the 2025 East Retreat
9:30-10:30amDiving Deeper with Nancy O. & Debbie V.
Description:Riding on steps 10, 11, &12 to ground and anchor in recovery
11:15-12 noonClosing gratitude and takeaways